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Saudi Arabia

Trump Election: Reactions in the Middle East

Many things have already been said about the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency. In this piece, I want to focus on the reactions of Middle Eastern leaders to the outcome of the US election. Although it would... Continue Reading →


Exploring Saudi and Iranian ‘shared interests’

Given the current level of tensions among the governments of Saudi Arabia and Iran, any talk about cooperation between the two countries seems unlikely and even naive. However, the possibility for cooperation between these two major actors in the Persian... Continue Reading →

Series: Armed Forces in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia ranks third in the list of the most powerful militaries in the Middle East. Here are some data. $56.7 billion defense budget 233,500 active frontline personnel 1,095 tanks 652 aircraft The territorially largest country in the Middle East also... Continue Reading →

Until the last drop (…of oil)

This post was originally published on Strife Follow me on Twitter @EugenioLilli Eight percent: that is how much the price of oil fell after OPEC’s decision last Thursday to maintain its oil output unaltered. This sharp drop was only the... Continue Reading →

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