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Drone Video Over Mosul, Iraq

This footage is not fiction. This footage shows how the effects of war really look like. Click here to watch the video


Trump Election: Reactions in the Middle East

Many things have already been said about the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency. In this piece, I want to focus on the reactions of Middle Eastern leaders to the outcome of the US election. Although it would... Continue Reading →

Declassified US Documents Shed Light on the Syria/Iraq Crisis

Last May the organization Judicial Watch obtained through a Freedom Of Information Act lawsuit a cache of US government's declassified documents. Two documents in particular struck my attention. One is a document produced by the Pentagon. This document shows that... Continue Reading →

Reframing The Current Crisis In Iraq

This piece was first published on King’s College London’s Kings Of War blog. During the past few months, politicians, media outlets, and pundits alike have framed the current crisis in Iraq in a seemingly straightforward fashion. The popular narrative goes... Continue Reading →

Reflections on President Obama’s IS speech

This piece was first published on King’s College London’s Kings Of War blog. On September 10, US President Barack Obama delivered a speech on the threat represented by the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria. A lot has already... Continue Reading →

Getting ready for war, this time don’t forget a plan for peace

This piece was first published on King's College London's Kings Of War blog. At last-week’s NATO summit in Wales, the United States stepped up its diplomatic effort to form an international coalition against Islamic State (IS) forces in Iraq and... Continue Reading →

The IS and Strange Middle Eastern Bedfellows

The rise of the Islamic State astride the territories of Iraq and Syria is leading to the creation of an unusual convergence of interests among very "strange bedfellows". A number of dynamics occurred during the past week are especially worth... Continue Reading →

The Troubled Past of Foreign Relations with the Kurds

This piece was orginally posted on Kings of War, the blog of the War Studies Department at King's College London. A few weeks ago, fighters of the Islamic State (IS), formerly known as ISIS, seized control of significant swaths of... Continue Reading →

President Obama and the use of force: Libya and Iraq (yes), Syria (ehm)

When the other day I listened to US President Obama's statement authorizing military strikes in Iraq I could not help thinking about the US president's remarks about the precedent US military intervention in Libya in 2011. The two presidential speeches,... Continue Reading →

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