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Arab Awakening

My Book is Finally Out

Check my new book out New Beginning in US-Muslim Relations: President Obama and the Arab Awakening at Palgrave Macmillan official website. Short description: This book carries out a comparative study of the US response to popular uprisings in the Middle... Continue Reading →


The Arab Awakening as International Relations -my recently published book chapter.

Marc Lynch in the Washington Post has recently written an article about the Arab uprisings and international relations. I find this passage especially interesting: The comparative politics literature on the uprisings has demonstrated real theoretical progress, sophisticated empirical analysis and... Continue Reading →

The Arab Awakening and US counterterrorism in the Greater Middle East: A missed opportunity

This is my latest contribution to the peer reviewed Journal of Terrorism Research published by Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, St Andrews University, UK. Abstract: In 2011, the Arab Awakening offered an opportunity to the Obama... Continue Reading →

Foreign Actors: A Double-Edged Sword Over Contentious Politics In The Middle East

A bit of self-promotion. Foreign Actors: A Double-Edged Sword Over Contentious Politics In The Middle East is the title of a chapter that I wrote for a forthcoming book published by Palgrave Macmillan: Contentious Politics in the Middle East (September... Continue Reading →

What’s driving ISIL’s recruitment?

My comments about ISIL and Al Qaeda on Al-Jazeera International's Inside Story. Follow me at @EugenioLilli

Democratic Autocrats?

It seems to me that more than three years of political and social upheaval, the forced removal of two presidents (Mubarak and Morsi), thousands of deaths, and continued blatant violations of human rights have done nothing to change the Obama... Continue Reading →

Egypt: The Uprising that Failed

Last Tuesday, the New York-based human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report on the unrest that followed the ousting of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi by the military on 3 July 2013. The 188-page report is the result... Continue Reading →

Does Current Instability In Libya Prove Supporters of the 2011 Military Intervention Wrong?

After the ousting of Col. Qaddafi, Libya has experienced a constant state of instability. The latest round of confrontations marring the North African country pits forces loyal to a former Libyan military officer, Khalifa Heftar, against a number of Islamist... Continue Reading →

Has Freedom of Expression Increased in Post-Mubarak Egypt?

Has freedom of expression in Egypt increased after more than three years since the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak?The answer to this question is especially relevant if we consider that historically Egypt has maintained a reputation as a leader... Continue Reading →

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