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UCD Graduate Study Fair 2019

Planning the next phase of your academic journey? Come and meet us at the UCD Graduate Study Fair 20 February 2019 from 4.30pm to 7pm. Ask for the representatives from the Clinton Institute. Pick up our brand new prospectus and... Continue Reading →


Does one really need a refrigerator that keeps track of everything in it and tells you you are running out of milk?

It might seem like a trivial question. However, the spread of 'smart' objects in our daily lives opens the door to serious concerns about our privacy. See the related article by the Associated Press.  

13th Annual Conference, BISA US Foreign Policy Research Group

The other day I was at the 13th annual conference of the BISA US foreign policy working group. A great annual event, this time hosted by colleague and friend Matthew Hill at Liverpool John Moores University. Along with listening to... Continue Reading →

Debating US Military Strategy in the Persian Gulf: What is the Way Forward?

My latest article published in the academic journal RBPI (Revista Brasileira de Politica Internacional). Abstract: Should the US strategy toward the Persian Gulf be one of offshore balancing or one of deep engagement? The debate on US grand strategy lacks... Continue Reading →

What is Net Neutrality and Why does it Matter?

On 14 December 2017, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) effectively reneged on its own 2015 Open Internet Order, which was devised to allow open and fair access to the internet. In Europe, Net Neutrality is currently protected by EU... Continue Reading →

Cyber Influence Ops: The Case of Cambridge Analytica

Excerpt from Christopher Wylie's interview: "Instead of standing in the public square and saying what you think and then letting people come and listen to you and have that shared experience about what your narrative is. You are whispering into... Continue Reading →

Module overview: Challenges in US foreign policy Discover more about our MA in American Politics & Foreign Policy. Here is an introduction to the module 'Challenges in US Foreign Policy' which will introduce students to issues including International Terrorism and Cyber Warfare.

Revista Española de Estudios Norteamericanos

I am glad to say that I have been invited to be a member of the editorial board of REDEN (Revista Española de Estudios Norteamericanos) a peer-reviewed academic journal published in English by the Instituto Franklin at the University of... Continue Reading →

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