Trump’s America Conference

The UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies is organizing a conference on the political and cultural significance of Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States.

Speakers include: Robert Brigham (Vassar College),Mary Fitzgerald (Journalist) Scott Lucas (University of Birmingham), Clodagh Harrington (De Montfort University),

Diane Negra (University College Dublin), Inderjeet Parmar (City, University of London),

Donald E. Pease (Dartmouth College), Stephen Shapiro (University of Warwick)

Topics may include but are not confined to:

“Make America Great Again” – American exceptionalism, nostalgia

“America First” – foreign policy and diplomacy

“Protect our borders” – immigration and terrorism

“Drain the swamp” – Washington elites, lobbying and corruption

“A historic movement” – white nationalism, identity politics, protest

“American carnage” – dystopian visions of the US, narratives of decline

“Crime and gangs and guns” – race and the cities, gun violence, civic anxiety

“Fake news” – politics in the new media age, post-truth, alternative facts

“I have great respect for women” – gender and politics

“Grab ‘em by the pussy” – misogyny, civility

“I am very rich” – inequality, wealth

“I’ll be so presidential” – celebrity, reality tv, satire

“Bing, bing, bong, bong” – Trump’s language, rhetoric

“Buy American and hire American” – trade, protectionism

“Brexit’s a great thing” – transatlantic relations, populism, ethnonationalism

We welcome individual papers but also proposals for panels, workshops or alternative sessions for presentation and discussion. Please send a brief CV and summary proposal (300 words max.) by 10th March 2017 to Prof. Liam Kennedy at


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