Six Reasons Why People Are Supporting Donald Trump

We are continuously reminded by the media about the reasons why Donald Trump is NOT a good candidate to the US presidency. Few articles, instead, have investigated why significant numbers of Republican voters have supported him throughout the primaries and beyond.

The BBC interviewed a number of Trump’s supporters and came up with six arguments in favor of Trump’s election. Here they are:

  1. He is not a politician. “Donald Trump is very real and very sincere. We’re tired of being cheated. The more they try to attack him, the more we love him.”
  2. He tells the truth. “He’s outspoken. Other candidates wouldn’t tell you how it is, but he does.”
  3. They value his business experience. “I think I’ve seen him really successful as a businessman, so I’d like to see how he’d be as a leader of the United States.”
  4. They agree with him on Mexicans and Muslims. “We need to close the borders… It has to be done the right way and they can’t just come into our country and expect us to take care of them, take our jobs, and then for us to have to support them, and all the things America has to do to help them out. “
  5. He will make America Great Again. “Trump has instilled hope in people. If he does what he says he’s gonna do, we would be less fearful.”
  6. Why do WOMEN support Trump? One idea is that his offensive comments on women have “nothing to do with running the country”. Besides, some countries abroad will even respect America more since “they are anti-feminist over there”.

You can find the full article here



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