A recent report by Amnesty International collected testimonies about alleged cases of serious human rights violations carried out by state authorities in Egypt. The report depicts a very bleak and worrisome picture.

Here is an excerpt:

“Despite the mounting evidence of abuse, the Egyptian government continues to deny that its forces commit enforced disappearances, torture and other serious human rights violations. Instead of acknowledging and addressing these violations, the government prefers to dismiss the evidence as propaganda put out by the MB and its supporters. The government’s denials, however, do not stand up to scrutiny, as the case examples cited in the report illustrate. Given the number, range and diversity of victims; the broad consistency of their testimonies and of their families’ accounts of their efforts to obtain official acknowledgement of detainees’ arrests and learn where they were held, there can be no doubt that enforced disappearances are now being used as an element of state policy in Egypt, irrespective of the government’s denials. The repeated failure of prosecutors to investigate detainees’ allegations of torture together with their ready acceptance of allegedly coerced “confessions” and their failure to address the falsification of arrest dates by NSA officers to conceal the duration of detention indicates too that Egypt’s judicial authorities are complicit in these serious human rights violations.”

The full report can be accessed here