Exploring Saudi and Iranian ‘shared interests’

Given the current level of tensions among the governments of Saudi Arabia and Iran, any talk about cooperation between the two countries seems unlikely and even naive. However, the possibility for cooperation between these two major actors in the Persian Gulf should be seriously explored. Here is an excerpt from an article on Markaz that does so:

“To head off outright confrontation, Saudi Arabia and Iran need to identify potential areas of shared interest. Both states’ economies are dependent on oil, and both are working to reduce that reliance. To some extent, each country’s economy depends on the other’s success. Both are targeted by the same terror groups, including al-Qaida and the Islamic State. And the countries face similar environmental threats, including oil spills, challenges related to accelerated industrialization, and water shortages. In all of these areas, Iran and Saudi Arabia can work together. It won’t be easy, but there are helpful historical examples. Seventy years ago, no one could have imagined France, Germany, and Britain overcoming their regional rivalries to become close political and economic partners.”

The full article can be read here



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