How to ‘create’ an extremist

This is an excerpt from a recent report produced by the NGO Human Rights Watch. It concerns incidents of turture and mistreatment of detainees in Bahrain. True, the statements offered by former detainees might be lies aimed at discrediting the Bahraini government. However, if only some of this information is true, it is no wonder that some of the people who received these special ‘treatment’ will resort to extremism and violence as a payback against Bahraini authorities and their foreign backers and allies.

“One former detainee told Human Rights Watch that CID officers beat his penis with a hose ‘until I couldn’t feel the pain anymore’ and then forced several fingers into his anus. Two others said CID officers threatened them with rape. One detainee arrested in February 2015 said CID officers threatened to rape his wife and showed him pictures of his son, which they had on their phones. All nine of those detained at the CID said that they remained handcuffed and blindfolded throughout their time there — typically several days — except when they were making videotaped confessions. Five individuals said that they made those confessions in the presence of a masked police officer. Five former detainees said they told the public prosecutor that CID officers had mistreated them in detention. In two of those cases, the individuals said they refused to make confessions to the public prosecutor, who then ordered that they be returned to the CID where they were tortured until they made false confessions.”

You can read the full report here

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