The Drone Papers


The Drone Papers is a collection of articles recently released by The Intercept.

The stated goal of the series is to offer “a long-overdue public examination of the methods and outcomes of America’s assassination program.”

Regardless of one’s view on the effectivenss and/or morality of the use of targeted killing in order to protect the national interest, The Drone Papers provide many insights on the use of such a contentious tactic.

Some of the major revelations made by The Drone Papers include:

-How the US president authorizes targets for killing

-Targeted killings depend on unreliable intelligence and hurt intelligence gathering

-Strikes often kill many more than the intended target (collateral damage)

-The US military labels unknown people it kills as “enemies killed in action”

-The existence of inconsistencies with White House statements about targeted killing

and much more.

The entire series can be accessed at this link

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