Mapping the Extremist Threat in the Greater Middle East and Africa

In this post, I collected maps from reports produced by the US Congressional Research Service to provide a picture of the major current extremist threats in the regions of the Greater Middle East and Africa.

The first map refers to the area of the Levant and to the activity of groups such as the Nusra Front and the Islamic State. (click on the map to enlarge)


The second map illustrates the situation in the Horn of Africa and the operations of Al Qaeda affiliates there.

Horn of Africa


The third map is about the areas of North and West Africa and the activity of local extremist groups.

North and West Africa



  1. lenrosen4

    Gaza doesn’t appear on these maps as an extremist area even though Hamas has been defined as a terrorist group. Is there something different about Hamas? And Hezbollah isn’t on the map in Lebanon. Again, the same question?


    • eugeniolilli

      Thanks for pointing it out. It is especially strange given the fact that these maps were included in reports by the US Congressional Research Service and the United States considers both Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist organizations. My take is that the reports (and the first map in particualr) did not focus on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict but rather on the new developments in Syria/Iraq, therefore the absence of any reference to the above mentioned groups.


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